'Activating Awareness' Essay on Pedagogy in Urban Design

Emphasizing the qualities of individuality within the Urbanism program


Master Urbanism TU Delft (MSc 1)


Methodology for Urbanism: Best Essays 2010-2012



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Abstract –

In the field of Urbanism at TU Delft there is a search for balance between theory and practice, between research and design. In the new MSc Urbanism (introduced in September 2009) all different design approaches and project scales are put into a clear program stretched over three quarters. Nevertheless it is a difficult task to find a system that is appreciated by both students and mentors. To find balance within the stretched scope of Urbanism, I think it is important to personalize the education in the MSc programme. One of the interesting aspects about the composition of the department of Urbanism is its multitude of diversity -- of both staff and students. Each of the students (and tutors) have a different background, a different story, and with that a different world view. This diversity can be put to use through learning from each other, which could enable us to better form our individual position and identify our unique contribution to the broad field of Urbanism.

How could we reach this new awareness? In this personal essay I argue that the path towards an academic education that preserves quality and prepares individuals on their professional life as specialists, lies in a more personal approach towards their academic training.

Key words – Research and Design; World view; Awareness; Graduation Gap